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The success of your procurement system depends on how fast you react to the requirements generated from your ERP or non-ERP systems, get your vendors on-board, negotiate best prices, get your prices approved across multiple cross-functional departments and get them to deliver as per your consumption schedule.
The bottleneck doesn't lie in your procurement planning but outside the ERP and non-ERP systems.
After the requirements of materials and services are confirmed, there are critical decisions still to be taken like empanelment of a good mix of competitive vendors, vendor registration, verification of vendor capabilities, approvals for capital expenditure, bidding, auctioning, technical/price comparisons and so on before the final purchase orders are awarded to successful bidders.
This is a time consuming process and if not aligned properly can blow up your procurement costs beyond control.
KEON Solutions helps its customers achieve this with ease and with some custom solutions built over SRM, some of the top notch consulting firms fail to deliver.

  • We at KEON build our solutions on our in-house test systems which cover all the processes listed in the matrix below, many of which are build on top of standard SRM offerings
  • Experience of handling a million SRM users in Telecom, Discreet Manufacturing, Pharma, Real-estate Management, Public Sector, Bio-Technology & Professional Services industries
  • We are equipped with a strong knowledge database and methodologies in SRM, avoiding reinvention
  • Strong relationship with SAP for procurement initiatives and product improvements
  • Proven implementation approach reducing the project timelines

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