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Our Focus

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across selected industries and business functions, and extensive research on some of the most successful companies, KEON wishes to collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.


The automotive industry has had a long run of success based on its ability to seamlessly adapt to customer requirements in terms of technology and design. This has given rise to the highest levels of product development and engineering being implemented in conjunction with technology that is futuristic and cutting-edge. As a part of this industry you are also a part of the change that this domain brings while new trends and discoveries are made in technology.

In line with the constant change that the automotive industry experiences, KEON tracks, analyzes, develops and implements automotive industry solutions that cover every aspect of this business right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and after sales in and around SAP. Through our services we strive to provide automotive industry solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs for your automotive assembly line without compromising in any way to the quality you showcase. From automotive electronics to automotive manufacturing, we provide solutions that can power the automotive sector with the latest technologies.

Our Automotive Center of Excellence provides additional value to our clients while enhancing our professional capabilities.

The Center of Excellence:

  • Improves unit competency with specific domain knowledge and support to project teams
  • Identifies automotive industry trends
  • Develops solutions to meet industry needs proactively

Additionally, our Automotive Domain Orientation Series provides a macro-level understanding of the global automotive landscape.

With KEON:

  • Improve Customer Value via vehicle/components and customer insights
  • Synchronize Manufacturing with actual demand
  • Increase your design-to-launch pace accross the supply chain
  • Optimize manufacturing processes and reduce costs


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Industrial Equipments

Our Industrial Equipment vertical Serves following segments:  

  • Construction/Mining Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment

We offer a line of solutions that address the challenges faced by companies in the Industrial Equipment sector. We have extensive experience across the industry value chain providing consulting, custom development, implementation, and maintenance and support services.

With KEON:

  • Enable agility in your supply chain to minimize business disruption
  • Reduce Engineering Cycle times
  • Identify Cost reductions by delivering complete insight to suppliers
  • Speed sales by streamlining quote-to-sell processes for configurable solutions

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Engineering & Construction

The Infrastructure industry is growing rapidly across different sectors like airports, engineering, construction, ports, roads and real estate. Urbanization has brought in direct investment fuelled by the demand for infrastructure. The demand for efficient services coupled with seamless processes has skyrocketed. KEON has recognized the need for a good foundation and has comprehensive solutions to address the requirements of the infrastructure players globally.

The Engineering & Construction team includes domain consultants, industry specific subject matter experts, dedicated process and IT consultants and solution architects, who provide partners with simple and efficient solutions.

Our solutions enable quantitative improvements in key business performance parameters through lifecycle partnership models built around,

  • Organization Transformation: Focused on cost reduction, performance improvements and business KPIs are enabled through business process optimization, efficient supply chain management, innovative procurement channels and IT transformation.
  • Project Transformation: KEON offers estimation and project management solutions including designing, supplying, integrating and maintaining technology components.

 With KEON:

  • Increase project profitability with real-time insight
  • Capture new revenues by enabling complete lifecycle services
  • Align design and construction to maximize productivity
  • Manage and mitigate risks to improve operational results

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Natural Resources

The Natural Resources industry has been going through a slow but radical transformation in recent years with companies becoming conscious of the finite amount of resources available and the growing concern of governments, consumers and the general public on the availability of what was once seemingly infinite resources for human consumption.

The natural resources sub industries, be it Metals and Mining, Agriculture or Forestry go through a set of challenges that typically revolve around optimal use of available resources to meet growing demand, managing previously uncontrolled operations spend to optimize costs to fund future capital projects, rejuvenate dead land, address environment, health and safety concerns and plan for impact due to drastic climate change.

KEON's Natural Resources vertical covering Metals and Mining, Agriculture and Forestry industry segments - as a part of its Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities addresses the core industry concerns of efficiency and optimization in operations and management through its Consulting, Engineering, IT and Business Process Outsourcing services, whilst providing long term strategic solutions to customers for sustainable use of resources.

With KEON:

  • Improve asset productivity with service maintenance
  • Reduce risk with contract-to-cash, commodity hedging
  • Ensure continuity by improving safety and asset uptime
  • Reduce incidents to minimize operational disruptions

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Consumer Products

In a global economy with ever-changing consumer preferences, Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers need the flexibility to adapt and serve new demands promptly. A strategic consumer demand management framework is the way forward to reach out to consumer markets. Further, there is a need to understand the downstream implications of design changes in manufacturing, shelf-life, agile supply chain and customer relationship management. Today it is not just about products and services based on consumer insight but to take a leap ahead from insight to foresight and stride ahead of your consumer. It is the time to develop goods not only in accordance with consumer preferences but also which will redefine their tastes and preferences.

Our expertise spans areas of packaged application services, application and infrastructure management, it consulting, business intelligence and business process consulting. With rich domain expertise and delivery capabilities across diverse technology platforms, KEON offers a full array of technology solutions and services that cater to the total value chain; right from the point of procurement to the point of production/processing till the point of sale. This consumer demand management chain is critical to the success of businesses in this domain and provides an effective edge in meeting the needs of the end consumers.

 With KEON:

  • Coordinate sales and marketing to maximize profitable sales
  • Respond faster and smarter to demand and supply dynamics
  • Enable consumer-driven innovation from idea to launch
  • Optimize operations to meet consumer demand profitability

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Pharma & Chemicals

The Pharma & Chemical industry today is facing major challenges in the form of patent expiry, shift to Biotech, changing government regulations, increasing competition from generics, shift in product demand from developed nations to emerging markets and increasing focus on patient centricity. With increasing M&As in the industry, there is an urgent need for the companies with disparate systems to have synergies and speak the same language. The industry is now looking at new business models and solutions that will deliver superior business outcomes while at the same time optimize costs, reduce time to market for a drug and meet the regulatory requirements. As these factors are dependent on IT collaboration, the industry is gradually bracing up to face the challenges and meet its requirements through partnership with IT companies.

 Strong, centralized, scalable and high quality software delivery capability coupled with domain knowledge helps KEON provide innovative solutions which enable our partners to produce products faster and at lower costs. Our gamut of services and solutions covers the entire Life sciences value chain from corporate to back office operations.

With KEON:

  • Understand your margins by product, customer, segment and region
  • Proactively manage risk to ensure operational continuity
  • Synchronize demand with supply to fulfill orders at minimum cost
  • Integrate development, operations and pricing to maximize profit

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