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Application Management Services

  • Dedicated SAP support and offshore practice
  • Flexible approach: SLA based, shared pools, dedicated resources, On-Demand
  • PPI-based support
  • Flexible model: onsite/offshore/nearshore
  • Support for both enhancements projects and production support
  • Ability to provide 24 X 7 support using offshore center
  • Competency in all areas of SAP and Netweaver
  • Robust support/ transition methodology for setting up help desk and production support
  • In house tools & templates to accelerate the support/transition process
Our Unique PPI Support Model

Why unnecessarily pay huge money for the work which you can get it done at a fractional cost! Many companies don’t implement branded ERPs just being afraid of their maintenance cost; having a notion that they may succeed in implementing & purchasing the licenses but are daunted by the annual maintenance cost of their SAP.
Being aware of the fact that 70% of SAP Global customers are small businesses or midsize customers there has to be laid some economic support model which could give a relief to all these SAP implemented companies. The SAP PPI support system is just a step in monetary favor to these companies who are the rising capital to any country.
It’s not good trade to swindle companies on basis of the number of hours their issue has been resolved, rather there is another approach which in SAP can also be leveraged – SAP PPI support model.
The graph aside shows that the significant amount of IT budget in SAP implemented companies only drifted away by SAP support cost. The big question that yet holds its ground is what model can be discovered & leveraged to cut short this spendthrift.
The answer is SAP PPI (Pay Per Incidence) support where customers have:                                                
  • No need to track hours consumed Vs support required
  • No initial investment on AMS
  • No hindrance of resources in day-to-day operation
  • No budgeting issues in terms of Change Requests (Customer can budget CR based on his own time lines, priorities and budgets)                                 
  • No additional infrastructure required
  • No surprises on the system performance due to periodic reporting
While paying only for the issue that has crop up the SAP user are now saving huge costs up-to 60-70% on what they use to pay before. PPI doesn’t end here it again includes pro-active & reactive problem management aspects.
Proactive Problem Management is concerned with identifying and solving Problems and known errors before Incidents occur in the first place. This is well taken care of in SAP PPI support model.

The other splendid benefits of SAP PPI model that makes its domineering over other support models are:
  • Trend Analysis based on the volume of the tickets during the quarter.
  • Proactive incident management
  • Periodic System Monitoring / Measurement Report
  • Strong documentation on issues resolved, preventive measures, RCA etc.
  • 24xForever support is primed and ready for any eventuality.
  • Prioritization of issues based on issue severity